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About the Wardrobe

On average, British women hoard approximately £285 worth of unused clothing within their own wardrobes. This is the equivalent of £34 million worth of useless purchases in Shropshire alone. 

Launched in 2023, With Love From... is a new project, based in Oswestry, Shropshire. With your help, we are creating a shared wardrobe of beautiful party outfits, for a community of conscientious shoppers.

By slowing down the fashion cycle and sharing our wardrobes, we are not only reducing waste and protecting the earth's resources, we are also encouraging fashion brands to slow down, be more considerate, pay better, make better and be better. 


What We Do

We are creating a shared wardrobe of beautiful occasion-wear (party outfits).

Join us today...donate the occasion wear hanging in your wardrobe and earn points which can be redeemed at our monthly pop-up shops.


Expand your wardrobe, share with friends and help the planet. 


Who We Are

With Love From... is a new project, based in Shropshire, raising awareness and funds to tackle some of the challenges caused by the fast fashion industry.

As individuals we may only be able to make a small impact, but if we work together, the difference we could make could be huge.  

Join the Cause

Join us in our efforts to help the party outfit at a time! 

There are so many ways to get involved...

Donate clothing

Shop with us 

Become a member 

Help raise funds

Volunteer with us

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