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Get Involved

1. Create a FREE account with us today.

2. Donate any fancy clothes, shoes and accessories which are currently sitting in your wardrobe, unloved.   

3. Each item you donate will earn you points and be forever labelled "With Love From...YOU" 

4. The next time you need party clothes, redeem your points at one of our monthly pop-up shops. 

5. Feel great about sharing with friends, helping the planet, valuing people throughout the fashion industry and saving some money. 


How to Donate...

Donate your old party clothes, shoes and accessories and earn points for replacement pieces. 

Don't worry if some items are damaged or need specialist cleaning...our team of experts will make any repairs and carefully clean each item,

with love. 


Drop-off box...

Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm 

You can find our collection box at;


Upper floor,

Memorial Hall,

Smithfield St,


SY11 2EG

At our pop-up shops...

Bring your donations to our pop-up shops.

We'll process them on the same day, so you can shop with your points straight away. 

Request collection...

If you have a large donation, or you are unable to donate in person, please contact us to arrange a collection. 

Become a member

Join the Cause...

Join us in our efforts to help the party outfit at a time! 

There are so many ways to get involved...

  • Donate clothing

  • Shop with us 

  • Help raise funds

  • Volunteer with us

We believe that sustainable fashion should be available to everyone, so we try to keep our costs as low as possible.


If you would like to support this project financially, we would love to hear from you...

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